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Getting Your Dream Floral Job

You may be one of those people who dream of owning your own floral business. Or maybe you dream of going outside into your backyard and picking flowers and creating a beautiful vase for your counter top. Whatever your floral aspirations are, you have to start somewhere.

Where I Started

Growing up my dad was a landscape architect, and my favorite thing to do was follow him around at the nursery and have him tell me all the names of the different names of the flowers and plants. And that is where my love for flowers started. I would draw pictures of them everywhere, and I would spend hours outside helping my parents take care of our flowers and watch them grow. This love for flowers continued to grow up until I was a senior in high school

Making a Decision

As a senior in high school I was struggling to figure out where I wanted to take my life after graduation. I couldn't think of any future career paths and it was getting harder and harder to make a choice. Then I thought of the childhood dream I had of being a florist and everything started coming together. There was a flower shop right next to my house and I went in to see if they were hiring and, lucky for me they were. I got the job and soon after my new boss started teaching me how to be a floral designer.

Finding My Creative Side

After working at the first shop for a couple years I then went on to work at another shop where I grew even more as a designer. It felt as if being a floral designer was the one thing I had always been meant to do. I found so much joy in creating something and feeling even closer to Gods creations. I began to seriously consider a career in floral design and started learning more about what my options were.

My Dream Job

After some serious research and almost buying the flower shop from my boss, I finally found what I really wanted to do. There has always been something special about weddings to me. Maybe it's because I'm your typical girl who thinks about that day from the time your 6 years old, or because of the joy that comes from wedding days. Whatever the reason, I knew that doing the florals for weddings was something I could see myself doing forever. I took a leap of faith and started my own business on the side and started offering my services via Instagram. And I am yet to regret it. Nothing has seemed more right for me than helping peoples special day be perfect through flowers. I get to spend my time doing what I love most.

Whatever your floral goals, take that first step. It may be a leap of faith like mine was but you never know where those first steps can take you. Being willing to take a risk and believe in yourself is that first step. So go find what you are passionate about. Even if that isn't flowers! Go find out what that is and spend everyday doing what you love and getting paid for it.

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