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Updated: Apr 19, 2023

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about why its important to be your best self. Before I get too deep into that I want to talk about a person who embodies this theory.

This person is driven and reliable. They care about the people around them and they show that in their actions. They take the time to tell people they love them and they put 100% in to everything they do.

They are confident in themselves, and in their work. People look to them for strength. They are a confidant and a trustworthy friend. They are passionate. They are dedicated. They are humble.

They may be tall, short, blonde, brunette, male, female, you name it. They are you.

They are the potential of what you can become. Progression is important because it means we can be better tomorrow than we were today. We can be all that we are and more. We can be better. We can love ourselves and the people around us and love what we do.

And I’m talking about more than just floral design. Whatever you choose to do or become you can be better than you were today. You can always try again and you can always get back up when you fail. What matters is that you keep going and keep doing.

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